Remarkable info about the Cyprus invasion in 1974

I recently received links to a couple of remarkable documents from a Palestinian friend who goes back to my time in Cyprus. I described my harrowing last days there in The Lullaby Illusion.

In addition to the linked photos, I have posted  photos given to me by a UN employee. Because of its historical significance, I have created a page instead of a blog post: More firsthand accounts of the Cyprus invasion, July 1974.


6 Replies to “Remarkable info about the Cyprus invasion in 1974”

  1. Great to have the photos and so glad my husband was verifying events as I read the book and asked him questions—he was on another island ‘listening to chatter” so glad you made it off Sue

    1. Susan, I’m grateful daily for escaping the horrors of war. I am blessed to have survived in order to speak truth to its madness. My life is richer for the knowing. Thanks for your comment and your support along the way.

    1. Laurie, an adventure I hope to never repeat. I saw and blessed the corpse before leaving the UN camp. An image branded into my memory. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Oh goodness, a fascinating read and series of pictures. I’m sure you must have relieved your very scary experience with both the comments and the pictures. Very scary times.

    1. Joy, so interesting for me to still be in touch with others who were there and witness to the events. All these years later, we are all amazed we made it out alive. Thanks for your comment! xx

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