Author Susan Joyce in 2103
Moi, in 2013 in Uruguay
I’m Susan Joyce, an author, artist, and perpetual dreamer.

At age 20, I left the United States to see the world. I planned a one-year adventure, but ended up living my 20s and 30s in Europe and the Middle East. As a Jill of all trades, I worked as a secretary, freelance travel writer, taught computer classes, wrote songs, became an accomplished artist, and an award-winning author and editor of children’s books.

I’ve lived in interesting places during interesting times, including divided Germany, Israel, and Cyprus during the Turkish invasion (which adventures I describe in The Lullaby Illusion), England, Belgium, and Switzerland. My home has been tranquilo Uruguay since 2009, after several years in anything-but-tranquilo Mexico.

After my first venture into children’s books with Peel, the Extraordinary Elephant which Doug (whom I met at the end of The Lullaby Illusion) illustrated, we moved back to the United States in 1986, formed a publishing company. We became an overnight success — twelve years later. I wrote several ABC Riddle books, and edited the rest of that series.

I also edited the Draw Series, the 1-2-3 Draw Series, and the Draw Plus series. With the advent of ebooks and print-on-demand, I’ve re-edited almost everything, and have been amazed at our increased knowledge and attention to detail. Another journey!

My travel memoir of a twelve year period of my life—The Lullaby Illusion: A Journey of Awakening has led me to a wonderful Facebook group which I recommend: We Love Memoirs. Of course I also recommend the book!

I’d love to hear from you!


 ABC Riddle books written by Susan Joyce

Alphabet Riddles, by Susan Joyce ABC Animal Riddles, by Susan Joyce 53-160

ABC Riddle books edited by Susan joyce

54-160 58-160 57-160 56-160 55-160

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 Draw Series books edited by Susan Joyce

Draw Animals, by Doug DuBosque  Draw Medieval Fantasies, by Damon J. Reinagle

How-to draw books for ages 9+ by Doug DuBosque and Damon J. Reinagle

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 1-2-3 Draw Series books edited by Susan Joyce

1-2-3 Draw Ocean Life, by Freddie Levin  1-2-3 Draw Cartoon Sea Critters, by Steve Barr

How-to draw books for elementary ages by Freddie Levin and Steve Barr

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 Draw Plus series edited by Susan Joyce

  Draw Plus Math, by Freddie Levin   Draw Plus Science, by Freddie Levin  Draw Plus More Math, by Freddie Levin

Using art to teach math and science

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