Yes, I can!

I grew up with beloved stories, books and songs of rhyme and reason, and silly nonsense..

Each day I move forward in my determination to heal from a femur fracture on July 10th 2019 I’m reminded of the human with strange egg-like qualities — Humpty Dumpty  who also toppled from a great height and cracked the perfect outer shell.

Because of my broken leg, I’ve had time to think and rethink my true purpose in life. Lucky me! No time to ask WHY ME? Instead I ask WHY NOT ME? What can I learn from this adventure / misadventure?

On the physical plane, I’m learning to walk again. My new regimen happens in our large, local supermarket where I PUSH my shopping cart three times a week. It’s difficult, but with every session it gets easier. Today, while pushing, I heard myself humming the song, “Yes I can.” from The Little Engine That Could. PUSH PUSH, I roll on. Yes, I can!


Your name, please?
And the title of your book?
Good Morning Diego Garcia: A Journey of Discovery
What is the synopsis of your book, in one sentence?
When a naïve young woman and her enigmatic husband set sail across the Indian Ocean with friends, she learns to her dismay of his clandestine involvement in a war and knows together they must survive the monster monsoon storms.
Is your book part of a series?
Yes. The first book in my JOURNEY series is The Lullaby Illusion: A Journey of Awakening
Are you working on another book?
Yes. I’m writing the screen script first and will then publish the book: Into the Monsoon: A Journey of the Soul
When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?
At the moment, I’m learning to walk again after an accident and a broken femur.
I also study screenwriting and love the challenge of using words to create vivid images.
If you were to describe yourself as a particular fruit or vegetable, what would it be?
Globe Artichoke with a beautiful armor exterior and a savory, sweet heart.

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High Heels History

High Heels History

Women’s footwear with high elevation at the heel accounts for almost 14 percent of the value of the global $250 billion shoe industry. The shoes are a fixture at footwear trade shows around the world, including at this week’s New York Shoe Show.
But high heels actually began life as a men’s shoe. One theory says they were designed to help mounted soldiers keep their feet in the stirrups. Persians, the stories go, brought the innovation to Europe in the 15th century.
Since then, the shoes have been associated with male aristocracy (17th century), witchcraft (18th), female sex appeal (19th on) — and back, foot and calf injuries and strain.

High heels are a cultural conundrum for many women who recognize both their debilitating effects and their supposed allure. And they’re a statement piece among some gender-fluid folks.

They’re also tools for activists. Mostly men compete in Madrid Pride’s annual high-heel race (minimum height: 4 inches). And some U.S. cities host awareness-raising “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” high-heel events for men.

How to Create Story Conflict…

First up today, many great screenwriters and playwrights – David Mamet is one who comes to mind immediately – speak about the need for writers to create conflict in every scene.  Our first video today dives deep on conflict, citing examples from a plethora of revered films to drive the point home.

Second, a video no filmmaker or producer is going to want to miss.  It’s been said that every problem discovered in post-production is likely due to a mistake, oversight or simple neglect during pre-production.  This latest video from Film Courage, takes a look at how you can cover all your bases in the pre-production phase to assure that the rest of the ride through production, post, and beyond goes smoothly.

So much to learn. So exciting!

Good Morning Diego Garcia!

Bravo to The United Nations general assembly for overwhelmingly backing a motion condemning Britain’s occupation of the remote Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean.

I crewed on a yacht in 1975 which hobbled into the atoll, just south of the equator in the central Indian Ocean, for a few days during the construction of the US top secret base. Only later, after landing in the Seychelles, did I meet Chago natives and learn of their broken hearts and forced departure from their beloved homeland.

Read all about it.

Your Positive Sign?


A writer friend from Alaska, Lizbeth Meredith,  is visiting South America.  We’re having fun discussing books, writing,  our mutual love for animals,  and the signs in life which point us in the desired direction. Elephants have always been a positive sign for me. Corgis speak to her.


What is a positive sign for you?