Yes, I can!

I grew up with beloved stories, books and songs of rhyme and reason, and silly nonsense..

Each day I move forward in my determination to heal from a femur fracture on July 10th 2019 I’m reminded of the human with strange egg-like qualities — Humpty Dumpty  who also toppled from a great height and cracked the perfect outer shell.

Because of my broken leg, I’ve had time to think and rethink my true purpose in life. Lucky me! No time to ask WHY ME? Instead I ask WHY NOT ME? What can I learn from this adventure / misadventure?

On the physical plane, I’m learning to walk again. My new regimen happens in our large, local supermarket where I PUSH my shopping cart three times a week. It’s difficult, but with every session it gets easier. Today, while pushing, I heard myself humming the song, “Yes I can.” from The Little Engine That Could. PUSH PUSH, I roll on. Yes, I can!

4 Replies to “Yes, I can!”

  1. Attitude is often the most important ingredient in so many recipes. And yours sounds like it’s right on target. That’s a mixed metaphor, isn’t it? Some of my favorite metaphors seem to be mixed. Diversity rules! Happy healing.

  2. Attitude—if you can you need to have the positive attitude. I am so glade that you continue to improve.

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