Intention + Obstacle + Tactics = Character Development

I’ve just completed an assignment in a Screenwriting Master Class with Aaron Sorkin. Aaron teaches, “A character is born from the INTENTION and OBSTACLE—they want something, and something stands in their way of getting it.” How they overcome those obstacles, or what TACTICS they use, define the character.

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The ASSIGNMENT: Write a scene where one character is asking another for money. The other character WON’T give them the money.

When it comes to giving money to others in need, I’m a soft touch. Here’s my take on the assignment. What would your take be? I’d love to read it. Please share.

My take:  Money

8 Replies to “Intention + Obstacle + Tactics = Character Development”

  1. Oh Susan – loved this! It’s brilliant. Well done. Envious of you studying w Aaron. And thrilled that you’ve also taken up screenwriting! Such fun.

    1. Savyra, a fun assignment for me to go with the flow of thoughts. I’m really enjoying screenwriting. Working on several ideas at the moment. How’s life and your creative projects?

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. It was a fun assignment for me. Wasn’t sure where it was heading and then it took off.

  2. Well, that was a twist and a half but why am I not surprised? You write so beautifully that there is always a little surprise twist waiting at the end. Thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you, Susan.

    1. Joy, thanks for reading it! Happy you enjoyed the twist! It was a snap, crackle, and pop when I allowed my brain to go with the flow of thoughts. Love when that happens. I am enjoying screenwriting. Think I’ve found my passion.

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