2016 Readers’ Favorite—Honorable Award


Dear Friends,

Readers’ Favorite has officially announced the winners of the 2016 Book Awards. I’m delighted to announce that, “Good Morning Diego Garcia” won “Honorable” for Non-fiction—Spiritual/Supernatural.

Check it out:


There’s a place for comments and additional reviews. I invite you to help me create a bit of buzz around “Good Morning Diego Garcia” by adding your comments on the link.

I appreciate your time! Thank you!

Susan Joyce

6 Replies to “2016 Readers’ Favorite—Honorable Award”

    1. Thanks Savyre! Nice to hear from you. Hope life in South Africa is treating you royally. xx

        1. Savyra, happy to hear life is improved. Thanks for your encouragement! Wishing you an amazing New Year!

  1. Congratulations, Susan. GM Diego Garcia is one exciting book! I do question the supernatural part of the category….spiritual yes.

    1. Terry, thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Unfortunately these categories get squeezed together by the awards committee. Perhaps seeing souls with screaming faces in the middle of the Indian Ocean can’t be explained by science or the laws of nature. For me, they were real. My next book about soul connections will give even more things that can’t be explained by science. Not yet! My deceased aunt visits me often and says it is easy for me to go in and out between earth and beyond because I am a dreamer. Rings true. Are you also a dreamer?

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