First Place! 2016 San Francisco Book Festival

(Gotta love the runner-up 😉 )


First Place San Francisco Book Festival!


WINNER: “Good Morning Diego Garcia” – Susan Joyce

RUNNER-UP: “A Perfect Spy” – Francis Hamit


  • “Running for my Life – Winning for CMT” – Christine Wodke
  • “Nothing Ever Goes On Here” – Ellen Newhouse
  • “Surreality: Strange Tales of a Man Sitting Down the Bar From You” – J.D. Bradley
  • “A Connisseur’s Journey” – Dr. Jeffrey Lant
  • “Through the Woods” – Margie Mack
  • “Letters from a Soldier” – Susan Mowry
  • “The Sibold Effect” – J.D. Miller
  • “A Chick in the Cockpit” – Erika Armstrong
  • “Silent No More” – Christine Orenic-Ward

3 Replies to “First Place! 2016 San Francisco Book Festival”

  1. HUGE congratulations to you! Well deserved! You tell your tale beautifully – bravo! xo

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