Happy in Uruguay!


I am delighted to see photos of these smiling men and to know they have finally been freed from Guantanamo prison in Cuba. All were arrested following the 9/11 attacks of 2001. Although they were never charged with any crimes, they sat for years in black holes in Cuba.

Muchas gracias to Uruguayan President Jose Mujica who offered them freedom, education, and a home in Uruguay. He also demanded that they arrive in Uruguay free of shackles and take their first steps on Uruguayan soil as free men.

Bravo, Mujica!

6 Replies to “Happy in Uruguay!”

    1. Yes, it’s a very ugly chapter in America’s history. Where are real leaders when we need them?

  1. I live in Florida and I will be happy to see relations corrected between us–but we sure have politicians in this state having a fit!! You can’t get countries to correct certain wrongs without giving them the freedom to see how others live–those are my thoughts anyways–I am just a little irritated that tourism won’t start–just education, politicians and family members at the moment–We have to start someplace–maybe this is another reason Putin is acting so foolish–we befriend Cuba and he takes Crimea!!

    1. As the world turns, seems the same ole tune often. Are you glad we’re opening doors to Cuba? I am.

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