Why I Wrote “The Lullaby Illusion”

Why I wrote the book. Full post exclusively, this week, on the new Google+ Page for The Lullaby Illusion.

A sampler…

It originated as I struggled in my search for answers, my attempt to fit together pieces of a life shattered by the coup in Cyprus on 15 July 1974, followed five days later by the Turkish invasion on 20 July 1974. Thousands of lives were drastically changed forever by the atrocities, including foreigners who happened to live there.

Of which I was one.

For years following the war, I marveled, bewildered, at how a tranquil place – which seemed like paradise – could simply go away, rendered a living hell in the space of a few days…

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3 Replies to “Why I Wrote “The Lullaby Illusion””

  1. Yes, it is sadly serendipitous. Especially for me. In retrospect, when I put all the pieces of the puzzle of Cyprus and the Middle East on the table, it’s easy to see how they fit snugly in place. It’s a clear picture of the OPEC oil crisis, the US dollar, and the end of the gold standard. It’s a FOLLOW THE MONEY game.

    1. Meanwhile, not a picture nor word of Cyprus anywhere on CNN.com US home page. Not even as a text link, below the fold. Not in the World section, not in Business. Oh sure, buried somewhere inside the site. But not even a link or mention. Plenty of NFL, cute polar bears, “Walking Dead” TV zombie show coverage, and “sexy murderess” stories though.

      Compare this screenshot of CNN.com US edition with my previous comment where I embedded the screencap of their International edition, with Cyprus front-and-center. Outrageous, offensive to the people of Cyprus and other nations at risk for this same type of “bailout”, and more of the disinfo that the people of our home nation USA get from their so-called “news”.

      People back in our country of origin, the US, and elsewhere, need to learn about what is really happening, and what happens to those caught up in those events that they cannot control.

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