Good Morning Diego Garcia!

Bravo to The United Nations general assembly for overwhelmingly backing a motion condemning Britain’s occupation of the remote Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean.

I crewed on a yacht in 1975 which hobbled into the atoll, just south of the equator in the central Indian Ocean, for a few days during the construction of the US top secret base. Only later, after landing in the Seychelles, did I meet Chago natives and learn of their broken hearts and forced departure from their beloved homeland.

Read all about it.

8 Replies to “Good Morning Diego Garcia!”

  1. Great vote result but it is to be hoped that the United Nations has the ability to enforce the outcome.

    1. Joy, yes, that is the sad part. I doubt the big powers will ever relinquish their hold on this base. Appreciate you joining me in HOPE!

  2. Love this book and read it twice—if there weren’t so many dang books to read i would read it again—audio would be good!!

  3. Thank you for keeping us informed
    Very sad but important to know
    Hope UN can enforce outcome of vote

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