Count Your Blessings!

We witnessed horrendous storms in Uruguay end of October. Our sandy beach became cliffs—impassable for several days. This weekend we visited friends (who have a beach front home closer to the outer shores of the Atlantic Ocean) in Aquas Dulce. Their home got pounded when a powerful cyclone hit and more than 50 homes were destroyed.

Happy to report, no lives were lost because people were warned, shuttered their homes,  and moved inland. It was sad to see the loss of so much property. Fortunately for our friends, extra sandbags and rocks brought in before the big one saved their home from destruction. Their neighbor on the left lost the front third of his house. Neighbors, to their right, were not so lucky. They lost everything.




Walking along the beach at low tide, I saw destruction everywhere. I was reminded of the power of nature and how lucky I was to survive so many horrendous storms in the Indian Ocean in monsoon in 1974.

This Thanksgiving, I count my many blessings. I am grateful to be alive and to have a place to call home. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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  1. I am so glad you survived war and storms so you could write you wonderful memoirs–glad you are OK!!

    1. Truly grateful! Thank you! Appreciate having you as a friend! One more blessing!

  2. It was a great pleasure having you and Doug with us here, Susan. We are thankful for many things, including your friendship.

    1. Thanks Don! Lovely to spend time with you and Sandy always! You are truly blessed to have been aware and able to protect your Atlantic Ocean home. xx

  3. I did not realize this went on in Uruguay. So sorry for those that lost their homes! Thankful no lives were lost.

  4. Laurie, yes we experience some intense weather here. NO earthquakes but plenty of wild wind and rain storms. One of our dogs got his tail slammed by a door during one storm. The tail was bent and crooked for several months. Our vet assured us it would straighten out, and it did.

      1. So sorry for these folks losses. It looks like they’re right off the oceans, perhaps pics were taken at high tides. Were these the pics of a recent storm or the bad one, from years ago? Glad your dog’s tail straightened out, and he/she is better now.

  5. oops, got it, pics are of a recent storm, Oct this year, in Uruguay. So sorry for your residents/neighbors. If these are pics of low tide, hate to see what it looks like at high tide. Hopefully they’ve found new homes to live in, elsewhere higher about the seas.

    1. Yes, it happened recently. We have friends who have a beach front home there. They got lucky because they reinforced their home with large boulders and sand a few months ago. Many who lost their homes lived there in the summer months.

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