The Lullaby Illusion represents a new phase in the career of Susan Joyce (the book itself shows her fascinating transitions between several phases during a twelve-year period of her life). Here are links to it and her other works—click on any cover to see more on

The Lullaby Illusion — A Journey of Awakening


From the Review Broads:

This memoir astounds as Susan Joyce tells of the twelve years that announced her selfhood through harrowing experiences in Cyprus and as she lived with a man she knew could kill her if he so desired. Her ex-husband Charles has just died and she remembers the tales of his life: he was an electronics salesman for a Swiss firm who was a linguist and who disappeared throughout Europe leaving death in his wake. Joyce knows in her heart that he was a spy. Charles blamed Susan for her miscarriages and sought other women, and after years of his cruelty she leaves him.

The novel details Susan and Charles’s life as they lived in Cyprus in the 1970’s. In July, 1974 a coup broke out and the Turks invaded Cyprus to maintain control of the tiny but politically crucial island and the couple is caught in the midst of war. As they struggle with their friends to stay alive, they wait to be picked up by the British, but the ships cannot reach the beaches as the Turks have broken through and have Cyprus blocked off by tanks with missiles falling and soldiers shooting. They almost die, but finally are saved by the British boats.

As Joyce goes on to detail her international life, her international friends, and how she picked up the pieces and survived, then flourished, her stunning story astounds and amazes. She has many lovers in many countries until she finds a man that she knows will respect and love her, Doug. This story will remain in your heart and mind long after you have finished it, and The Lullaby Illusion is a wonderful memoir that takes us through the 1970’s and how one woman remade her life through tremendous odds. A travelogue of the politics of Europe and the United States and Israel at the time, as well as a fantastic adventure of survival through friends and sheer determination

The Lullaby Illusion shines with passion and courage.

Unbelievably good!

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