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In general, if you can see a button, widget, Like/Follow/Circle/Pin/Share type of feature, a comment box, or other obvious external-company features, you should assume that cookies are being set and read by them and their partners, and they are tracking who visits the site. You should assume that for any site on the Modern Social Web, not just ours.

Like most sites beyond very simple static pages, we use cookies ourselves, so that our servers can properly operate as you navigate around the site. Likewise our site requires JavaScript to be enabled in your browser in order to see anything resembling a meaningful and attractive, readable display. It will work without it but will be very ugly, and you will see many menus and code items before getting to the actual text and images you want to read and view.

How to block most tracking and analytics:

Don’t like any kind of tracking? Try Ghostery for Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer if you do not want to be tracked on the web and do not want details of your visits in our analytics. As alternatives, try Disconnect for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, or BluHell Firewall for Firefox and Firefox Mobile if you want a simple. blocking solution with no configuration.

Some things cannot be blocked:

As with any website, the fundamental technology of the web and the internet means we do receive basic information about your visit even if you use a blocker, such as your browser, IP address which can imply general location, type of computer or device, operating system, configuration of your browser, and more.