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The Lullaby Illusion
A Journey of Awakening

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I’m Susan Joyce, an author, artist, and perpetual dreamer. At age 20, I left the United States to see the world. I planned a one-year adventure, but ended up living my 20s and 30s in Europe and the Middle East. As a Jill of all trades, I worked as a secretary, freelance travel writer, taught computer classes, wrote songs, became an accomplished artist, and an award-winning author and editor of children’s books.

I’ve lived in interesting places during interesting times, including divided Germany, Israel, and Cyprus during the Turkish invasion (which adventures I describe in The Lullaby Illusion), England, Belgium, and Switzerland. My home has been tranquilo Uruguay since 2009, after several years in anything-but-tranquilo Mexico.

My travel memoir of a twelve year period of my life—The Lullaby Illusion: A Journey of Awakening has led me to a wonderful Facebook group which I recommend: We Love Memoirs. Of course I also recommend the book!

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